Simplify Property Maintenance. Delight Your Residents.

Multifamily property management software built for the future of building maintenance and contactless work orders.


Streamline Operations

Schedule, manage, and monitor every work order on every property while maintaining a healthy and safe environment.

Easily Deploy in the Field

Give your service technicians and vendors a maintenance app they actually enjoy using. Give your residents peace of mind.

Always Know What’s Happening

Empower property managers with a single-source of truth and real-time data on maintenance tasks, team members, and resident satisfaction.

“Overall, we love the system and has saved us extra labor all together and has expedited the process for our day to day work load.”

Graciella Natarajan | Property Manager

Avia McCormick Ranch
Harbor Group Management Co., LLC

Prioritize & Plan Property Maintenance

ServusConnect’s automation saves onsite staff an estimated 20 hours a week on paperwork, data entry & resident follow-up.

Connect Your Service Technicians to the Right Job With a Paperless Process

“We were worried about our maintenance tech’s ability to learn the software. But the app is so easy and saves them time on paperwork. Now they are the biggest advocates!”

– Jessica Taylor, GSC, Resident Services Rep

GSC Case Study

Give Your Residents the Healthiest Living Environment Possible

Now, more than ever, your home is your sanctuary. See how ServusConnect is providing ways to keep residents safe now and into the future.

Resident Experience


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