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Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures.

For multifamily operators struggling to keep up with the latest developments, service requests and safety measures, ServusConnect has compiled a resource center to help you:

Reopen & Make Ready With Confidence

Best Proactive Protocols for Self-Quarantine

Keep Tenants & Staff Safe As You Maintain Your Buildings

Reopen & Make Ready With Confidence

As society begins to reopen and make ready season quickly approaches, it is imperative that property managers create healthy environments and practice social responsibility.

Here are some creative steps you can take to manage the health of your locations and keep your properties running efficiently.

  • Digitally flag your residents who are self-quarantining
  • Avoid the exchange of all paper providing proof of service requests
  • Engage with a disaster recovery team to understand the protocol for contaminated areas
  • Login to your maintenance portal vs stopping in Require all work order and service requests to be communicated digitally
To help our nation’s multifamily operators keep their properties running and residents safe, we are making ServusConnect more accessible and affordable.

Best Practice Protocols for Self-Quarantined Residents

The following information is provided by the National Multifamily Housing Council.

Apartment firms are likely to have residents who need to self- quarantine in their apartment. Recommended practices in that situation include:

Service Requests and Apartment Access. Suspend access to the apartment for routine maintenance, repairs and inspections. The apartment should only be entered for emergency repairs. Close contact with the resident should be avoided during any entry of the apartment.

Cleaning Requirements. Follow the guidance of the local public health agency concerning any additional cleaning of the common areas or apartment as a result of the self-quarantine. Additional cleaning may not be recommended or required in this situation. If the public health agency or client recommends or requires additional cleaning that requires the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) or is beyond the capability of your team or regular cleaning service, consider hiring a qualified vendor to perform the cleaning.

Package Deliveries. Follow the guidance of the local public health agency concerning package deliveries. If you do deliver packages, leave them outside the apartment door to avoid close contact with the self-quarantining resident.

Vendor Services. Vendors who regularly provide services within apartments should be notified that service is suspended to the apartment in question, without advising them of the reason for the suspension. If you offer doorside trash pick up, that may continue. Do not inform your doorside service provider which apartment is affected by the self-quarantine. It is very important to protect resident privacy in discussions with vendors.

Support to the Resident. A period of self-quarantine may be stressful for a resident. You should endeavor to be empathetic and supportive during this challenging time, keeping in mind restrictions on your ability to be in close physical contact with the resident. Set reasonable expectations with the resident about your ability to provide assistance.

Protecting Resident and Employee Privacy. Information about the health and status of the self-quarantining resident or affected employee should not be shared with other residents or employees. Consider sharing that information with the community manager, but advise the manager not to discuss it with other team members except as necessary to comply with other guidance received.

More National Multifamily Housing Resources can be found here >

Maintain Your Buildings While Keeping Everyone Safe

Communication is key during a crisis. Ensure you have provided open lines of communication with your residents so you can slow the spread and responsibly answer service requests while respecting privacy.

Take Control With ServusConnect

If you are a ServusConnect customer you now have the ability to:

  • Easily automate maintenance communication requests
  • Flag self-quarantined apartments
  • Map all buildings with existing flags
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CDC Shareable Materials

CDC has provided a Business Resuming Tookit that also includes QR Codes for additional Resources as well as a comprehensive ‘Restart Readiness Checklist

Here are some downloadable posters to distribute to your residents and staff.

NAA Operational Best Practices

Guidance and Operational Best Practices by NAA on how to keep safe while keeping your properties running.

Keep Tenants & Staff Safe As You Maintain Your Buildings

Ensure you have provided open lines of communication with your residents so you can slow the spread and responsibly answer service requests while respecting privacy.

Download our infographic outlining the steps you should take when residents or staff are exposed to COVID-19.