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ServusConnect apartment maintenance

Why Your Resident’s Experiences Will Determine Your Future Success

“ServusConnect is a must for any apartment manager who wants to increase maintenance team productivity and benefit from greater visibility into what is actually happening onsite.”

Contactless Service Requests & Maintenance

Facilitate healthy habits with a contactless apartment maintenance process and compliant information sharing. Let residents remotely alert staff or communicate preferred interactions when service work is performed.

ServusConnect’s COVID-19 FEATURES

As the pandemic began to grow, ServusConnect quickly created custom features that specifically meet the concerns within the multifamily property community. Easily automate maintenance communication requests, flag self-quarantined apartments, and map all buildings with existing flags.

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My residents have shared that they truly feel like they have a voice when the receive the text-based survey upon completion. They have also mentioned the change in the speed of when the work order gets completed. I have heard nothing put positive from the residents that I have talked to.

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